African-American users accused Hewlett-Packard "racial discrimination"

Published: 23rd December 2009
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According to foreign media report today, an African-American users a period of a few days ago YouTube released called "Hewlett-Packard racial discrimination" of the video, accusing Hewlett-Packard Face-tracking software could not track the facial movements, and said the software with the racial sex. HP said the facial recognition technology the user does not recognize the alleged racial discrimination in the black media sources: Sina Technology

The self-proclaimed "Black Desai" (Black Desi) users, said: "I think it is my black skin and interfere with the computer tracking capabilities." He passed a YouTube video of the demonstration in the video, HP Face Tracking the software does not track his facial movements, but they can easily track the other one is called "White Bay up" (White Wanda) of white colleagues.

Hewlett-Packard Sun through the blog, said this computer software is being checked. The software is designed for video chat can be by measuring the eyes, cheeks and nose to find the contrast between the person's face. However, HP said that in low light environment, the camera would be difficult to track the human face.

Hewlett-Packard spokesman for the Make Ba Gyor (Mark Budgell), said: "HP has been informed that the face tracking software that may exist, including the time when the prospect of insufficient lighting problems. We attach great importance to this issue and are working with our partners together to investigate the matter. "

The video uploaded on December 10, according to YouTube statistics, the volume has been watched 8.6 million times.

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